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This fact was fascinatingly demonstrated in a study conducted by scientists from the University of Kent in England and the French Institute of Health and Medical Research. In the study, two groups of men spent 90 minutes sitting in a chair. The first group was asked to count flashing letters on a computer screen (a task proven to induce mental fatigue), while the second group watched a relaxing nature video. Then the men in both groups pedaled a specialized ergometer, while electrodes zapped their leg muscles in order to produce “maximum contractile force.” The more fatigued a muscle is, the less it will respond to these shocks.

On June 26, 2016, Billy Williams walked out of a school board meeting and announced on his way out that he was resigning. We imagine that he and most folks figured that a replacement would be selected relatively quickly and life would move on.

It crackles with chemistry that feels both spontaneous and carefully layered, and, like the best Dogma entries, it takes a potentially sudsy premise and lays it bare until all that's left is the humanity.

Sentinel, The - Dig Deeper / ToulepleuSentinel, The - Dig Deeper / ToulepleuSentinel, The - Dig Deeper / ToulepleuSentinel, The - Dig Deeper / Toulepleu